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PBSFCU (Phi Beta Sigma Federal Credit Union) is a full-service financial services provider, serving Sigma's, Zeta's and their families internationally. While it is similar to a bank in terms of the services it provides, it is philosophically different in operation. Each dollar invested by members goes toward giving another member a reasonable loan rate. And in turn, investing members receive better rates and lower fees than they would otherwise get at typical banks and financial institutions. We call our customers 'members' because, in actuality, they all own a part of the credit union.

Our members are shareholders of the credit union - they earn dividends on the money they invest in the company. The money invested is then used to finance loans to fellow shareholders. One person helping another.

Many people find PBSFCU the only financial services provider they need. Our exceptional staff is dedicated to helping our membership. That personal commitment is what sets PBSFCU apart from the banks and other financial service companies. At a time when service levels seem to be at a frustratingly all-time low, PBSFCU scored extremely high in customer satisfaction surveys.

Board Members

  • President - Hon. Bro. Eric Gilliam
  • Vice President - Bro. Antonio Jenkins
  • Treasurer - Bro. Donald Jemison
  • Secretary - Hon. Bro. Lou Hassell
  • Asst. Secretary - Hon. Bro. T. Harding Lacy, Jr.

Board Members

  • Hon. Bro. Peter Adams, Esq.
  • Hon. Bro Charles W. Moore
  • Hon. Bro. Robert Greaux


Committee Chairs

  • Education - Hon. Bro. Charles W. Moore
  • Supervisory - Hon. Bro. Peter M. Adams, Esq.
  • Investment - Hon. Bro. Louis Hassell
  • Credit - Bro. Michael Ferby